How can I contact British Airways customer services?

British Airways is the largest UK airline, serving over 160 destinations with a current fleet of 268 aircraft. The company operates its hub from London Heathrow airport, but has bases throughout other regional and international airports across the UK. Generally British Airways has a strong reputation within the airline industry for providing a premium service and exceptional customer service.

As a full service international airline British Airways has a strong online presence, priding itself on the availability and accessibility of its online customer service. Operating within the confines the aviation industry ensures BA offers a 24/7 service to suit the needs of its customers around the globe. This flexible service suits the needs of many customers, with flights are available for booking from 11 months in advance to the day of departure, dependant on availability.

While flight bookings and changes can be made via the website here, many customers feel more comfortable dealing directly with a member of staff and prefer a more personal service. To meet these needs British Airways offer a telephone booking service, with accessibility options available for deaf or blind customers.

The customer relations team are specialised in dealing with complaints and compliments. They can be reached here via an email form and are committed to responding to every complaint they receive. As complaints often relate to missing baggage, there is a specialist website for tracking these details which can be accessed here.

British Airways have a large social media team, with a Twitter presence that is monitored 24/7. If you have a flight booked this feed is particularly useful to follow for important updates. Twitter is also a valuable arena for raising any grievances, with large companies like BA being highly conscious of the importance of maintaining a positive public image. Often the page will respond publicly but ask for further communication via direct message to resolve the issue.

Other ways to contact the British Airways customer service team

Although the British Airways Facebook page is regularly monitored, users are directed to the Twitter page for urgent enquiries. Unlike Twitter, visitors to the BA page are unable to post a public message, with private messaged encouraged for communication via this source. Facebook staff can help customers with less urgent enquiries such as wheelchair bookings, animal travel and baggage queries.

In the event of a complaint, if you are unable to reach an acceptable resolution with customer relations then the next step is to seek the services of the ombudsman. It is important to note that the ombudsman will only raise a complaint if the internal company process has been fully exhausted, so be sure to contact BA in the first instance. You can also phone the British Airways contact number and their customer service team using our connection number. Airline dispute resolution is a not for profit service provided by the Retail Ombudsman who have a facility for online claims. Alternatively, for general queries contact the ombudsman via social media on Facebook or Twitter. Both accounts are regularly monitored.

In addition the Civil Aviation Authority are an additional body providing alternative dispute resolutions for problems with airlines and airports.


  1. When I checked in at the airport in at Atlanta, I was asked if I would like to upgrade my seat,which I did. With this upgrade it would have enabled me 2 luggage, of course I only had one, which was allowed pre upgrade. Can I use the extra bag allowance on my return home trip. By the way I didn’t feel upgraded. The breakfast was awful.

    Please do not disregard this request.

  2. Hi Mildred sorry you had a bad breakfast, from what we can see your baggage would be for 1 direction only, however, your best contacting British Airways direct to confirm your query. We have a call connection service into British Airways, 0843 487 1830 will put you directly through to them you can find the number on the BA website just use if you do call the number it is charged at 7p per min plus your network charge Mildred. hope we helped a little =)

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