British Airways Executive Club Contact Number

Contact Information for British Airways Executive Club  

0843 487 1830

Have you yet joined the British Airways Executive Club? If not, below is what you are missing. This program offers different lucrative offers like:

• Member-only offers and deals

• They keep records of your personal information and travel preferences for future bookings

• You get to claim Avios on any flights you have taken in the last 3 months

• You can collect Avios and spend them on rewards

Apart from the above, you get to enjoy the following flyer benefits if you are a frequent flyer:

• Access to first lounge and spa treatments for Gold Members

• Lounge access for all Silver Members

• Guaranteed priority boarding for all Bronze members

Also, if you fly just occasionally, do not be discouraged; you will also get to reap great rewards. Joining this program is free, and all that you are required to do is collect reward points, which are also known as Avios. You collect them whenever you fly, and you can spend these rewards on flights, car rentals, hotels, and other numerous travel rewards. The more you fly, the greater the benefits you get to enjoy. You can also share accounts with family and friends by adding them to the list. This will help you earn rewards faster.

Whether you are a bronze, silver or gold member, there is something for everyone. Contact British Airways them and get to know how to join if you are not already a member. Below is how to get to them.

British Airways- Executive Club Customer Service Phone Numbers - 0843 487 1830

Venture Club


Holidays Customer Service

1-877-4-A-VACATION, 1-877-428-2284

Group Reservations


Executive Club Services




British Airways Executive Bookings

New bookings, cost or availability information for flights, car hire, hotels inclusive of new bookings using the American Express or Avios vouchers

Contact Numbers For BA Executive

08444930747 option 2 (from the UK)

(Calls are charged at 7 pence per minute)

Daily 07:30-20:00

Enquiries regarding upgrading existing bookings, including upgrades using Avios


0344 493 0747 option 1

(Calls charged at local rate)

+44 191 4907901 option 1

Then option 1 (outside the UK)

Daily 06:00-20:00

Enquiries regarding destination changes to existing flight bookings/date


0344 493 0747 option 1 (calls charged at local rate)

+44191 4907901 option 1 then, option 1 (outside the UK)

Daily 06:00-20:00

Enquiries related to changes to dates, destinations, existing hotel or bookings to car hire vehicles

0344 493 0747 option 1 (these calls get charged at local rate)

+44 191 4907901 option 1, which is then followed by option 1 (for those who call from the overseas)

Everyday 07:30-20:00

Enquiries concerning flight booking refunds


0344 493 0747 option 1 (calls charged at local)

+44 191 4907901 option 1 followed by option 1 (Abroad)

Daily 06:00-20:00


If you have any complaints whatsoever, there is a way to air your grievances either online, through their box office or by calling them.


Make your claim or complaint online

British Airways

PO Box 1126



Monday- Friday 09:00-17:15

Saturday 09:00-17:00

Help in managing your Executive Club account, which includes all queries regarding Avios statement or balance and updates to personal information.


0344 493 0747 option 3 followed by option 1 (outside the UK)

Submit documents and letters to:

British Airways Executive Club

PO Box 1125



Fax: +44 1787 881405

Daily 06:00-20:00


British Airways Executive Club has listed two main phone numbers for their UK customers:

• 0844 493 0 747, which costs 7p per minute

• +44 191 4907901 that is supposed to be used by those who wish to contact the British Airways club from abroad

You should note that the second phone number is just local with a country code put at the front. This means you can easily use it and still pay local rates by just dropping the +44 and replacing them with 0. However, trying to do that will have the BA automated voice telling you that you can only access it from abroad and that you should call 0844 instead.

You can solve this by adding 141 at the beginning of the number while dialling as this messes up the system. Use this contact number 141 0191 4907901. Since it is local, most people can call the British Airways institution for free from their landlines as long as the calls are included in their package. Also, if you get free minutes as part of your mobile contract, you can simply use your minutes.