British Airways FAQ

British Airways FAQOne of the most popular and best known global airlines is British Airways. This airline is also the British flag carrier as well as the biggest airline with the largest number of global destinations. It also has the biggest fleet of planes. It is therefore a popular airline, not just in the UK or Europe but around the globe. Here is a look at a couple of FAQs – more can be found out at the British Airways helpline.

How Do I Change the Time and Date of My Flight?

It is pretty easy to change a booking. If a flight was booked within the last 24-hours, then a passenger should simply cancel the booking and begin the entire process all over again. This is a simple process and there will be no penalty or cost to the passenger. However, if the booking was made outside the 24-hour period, then changes can be made on the company’s website. A passenger simply needs to get online and check under Manage My Bookings. Different tickets have different restrictions and some conditions may apply. 

I Need To Call British Airways Offices. What Number Can I Use?

It is possible to call British Airways offices locally, depending on where a passenger is. To find the appropriate number, all that a passenger needs to do is get online, go to the tab ‘Telephone Numbers & Addresses’ and then select the country where they are. Once you correctly enter you country, the site will display an entire list of numbers, from the sales office to their airport number to customer service. 

I Have Lost My Luggage At The Airport. Who Do I Contact?

In many cases, bags and luggage lost at airports and lounges are usually handed over to handling agents at the airport. Any property lost and found at the airport is usually returned to its owner. Passengers who lose their luggage and bags while in a country other than the UK should check the appropriate number on the company’s website. In the UK, the number to call for Gatwick Airport is (0) 1293 666 362. 

How Much Bag Allowance Is Allowed?

Ideally, every passenger is allowed on bag which is checked in. This bag can weigh a maximum of 23kg. The cost of this bag is usually included in the airfare. However, extra luggage is usually surcharged. It is easier to calculate this online on British Airways website. A passenger simply needs to log in and click on Manage My Bookings.