British Airways complaints – 0843 487 1830

British Airways complaintsThese days, travel by air is usually not something one looks forward to. In fact, for me, it is the least interesting aspect of travelling. No matter how much the airlines try to improve the experience, there is always something lacking. I often fly with the company and often phone the British Airways phone number. British Airways complaints are common, but I still prefer them over others, because of the quality of their service.

The quickest way to file your complaint?

Their website is quite helpful, but if you have a complaint, it is best to file it over the phone using the British Airways complaints contact number. This number will vary depending on your country, and you can look it up on the website. If you are in the UK, you can dial 0843 487 1830.

Once you navigate your way through the IVR options and finally get to talk to someone, you will find that the British Airways complaints handling personnel are professional, and genuinely interested in helping you.

What you can do to make the most out of the call?

To save your own time, and to get the most out of the call, have a pen and paper with you when you do it. Of course, you should also have your ticket details with you. Before making the call, if possible, try to determine what you are expecting out of the call. That means, instead of just complaining, you should also be able to tell what they can do to satisfy you. They might or might not be able to do it, but they can always try.

What you can complain about?

You might have a lot of minor inconveniences that aren’t worth a complaint (unless you are really fussy.) However, you should file a complaint when:

  • you notice that your baggage is damaged or lost
  • your flight was delayed or cancelled and the airport staff weren’t helpful enough
  • the cabin crew weren’t helpful or co-operative, or were rude

Don’t forget your reference number

If your complaint is valid and can be resolved, it will be registered. You will also be given a reference number. Make sure you have it handy, when you call again to follow up on the complaint.

Making a complaint over the British Airways complaints contact number is not your only option. If you are interested in keeping a log of all correspondence, you can also file your complaint over email. Good luck! I hope your complaint is resolved soon.